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Alike or Different free essay sample

We can attempt to change ourselves, by changing our appearance, putting on cosmetics, wearing diverse garments, adornments, and so forth. Be that as it may, it’s an instance of appearance, however it additionally includes the individual underneath that cover everybody attempts to hole up behind. No one has ever attempted to take a gander at the individual underneath before passing judgment on them. It’s just sense of self that holds up traffic. What will the outcome be when individuals are deprived of every one of their frill, when that cover is expelled? What we get is a rollercoaster of feelings. Things that individuals can never figure are covered up underneath.And that’s one more likeness, which makes mixed up judgment likewise put into account. Sentiments are additionally something to take a gander at. For instance, individuals do get glad, irate and miserable in various circumstances, however everybody despite everything gets those feelings now and again, paying little heed to reason. What's more, everybody experiences a similar life cycle, how they’re conceived, go to kids, at that point the high school, center maturing comes after, at that point being old, lastly passing. We will compose a custom paper test on The same or Different or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Everybody will confront demise sometime in the future. Also, everybody is made by God, and made of similar materials, as some believe.Everyone eats and inhales, everybody has the five detects, it's not possible for anyone to live without an imperative organ, and nobody can have otherworldly powers. What's more, these are on the whole likenesses. * much more individuals don’t put stock in that platitude, they accept that individuals contrast in a ton of things, and the things that they share for all intents and purpose with others can be taken a gander at from an alternate edge, having them into another effect. For instance, everybody is an individual, however everybody is an alternate sort of individual, contingent upon character, looks, and abilities.And the way that everybody has a fantasy that will be satisfied can likewise be a distinction, similar to everybody has an alternate dream and an alternate objective for what's to come. With respect to the life, everybody has an actual existence, yet it relies upon how they live it, and how everybody utilizes it that has any kind of effect. Additionally, a few people are destined to have the character to be acceptable pioneers, and others have the force and will to buckle down in what they’re great at, while others don’t treasure their capacities, and rather they use it to their benefit, to show signs of improvement out of things, while they cause hurt to every other person around them.That’s a case of being and not having the option to be a helpful individual, to not utilize life carefully, and another way why individual s are unique. Some accept that individuals contrast by they way they look (both outwardly and within), how they respond to things around them, their character, convictions, morals and religions. What can likewise consider a distinction is the way everybody is raised, what they’re instructed to accept, where and when they were conceived and who they lived with. Individuals regularly receive propensities from those they live with, which can once in a while be acceptable, and some of the time be awful. That can make a great deal of contrasts contrasted with somebody who was brought into the world rich, lived rich, and kicked the bucket rich. Another perspective on is people’s appearance. A few people truly care about what they look like, and consistently attempt to put their best self forward now and again. Some wouldn’t really think about that subject. Some consideration, however not really. What's more, that’s identified with both character and physical appearance. Language spoken is additionally a difference.And the way that a few of us can accomplish something that others can’t, which comes down to capacity. Moreover now and then individuals have inabilities that others don’t have. At times there are ailments and illnesses that run in families, and some acquire that infection and some don’t, which is another distinction. In the event that we attempt and rundown these distinctions they won't have an end, and simply thinking would take long as well. So it’s not an instance of what is the equivalent and what can be extraordinary, it’s exactly how individuals consider things in their own place of view.So paying little heed to what there is that can be utilized as a contention, and anyway we think the ones who think the inverse aren't right, and regardless of which point we use take a gander at things, everything returns to conclusion, and assessments are significant. Also, my conclusion remains the equivalent, yet shouldn't something be said about yours? What's more, what’s progressively significant is to motivation behind why we take a gander at things starting there of view, and on the off chance that we truly are as a rule reasonable, or on the off chance that we are simply making a decision about others by what we consider them, and how we consider them. What's more, in particular, would we say we are truly being reasonable, or do we simply think we are?

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Capitalization of Names of Academic Disciplines

Capitalization of Names of Academic Disciplines Capitalization of Names of Academic Disciplines Capitalization of Names of Academic Disciplines By Mark Nichol When do you underwrite a word or expression that means a scholarly order? This post subtleties the differentiations between these terms as formal people, places or things and as conventional portrayals. In the event that you’re composing a rã ©sumã © or a historical ad spot for yourself or another person, or altering one, or you’re in any case alluding to a scholarly control, start at least one words with capitalized or lowercase letters relying upon whether the content relates simply to the teach itself or to an element committed to the order, for example, a course, a division, or an establishment. Note the accompanying models: â€Å"My course load remembers classes for French and astronomy,† yet â€Å"My most loved classes last semester were French III and Introduction to Astronomy.† â€Å"He acquired a degree in Asian studies,† however â€Å"He took a crack at the Department of Asian Studies† (or â€Å"the Asian Studies Department†). â€Å"It has consistently been her desire to examine architecture,† yet â€Å"The building that houses the School of Architecture is a disfavor to the discipline.† At the point when references to scholastic controls are recorded, as on a business card or a rã ©sumã ©, or in institutional limited time content, for example, flyers or in records, they are marks as opposed to writing, so capitalization is satisfactory. On a related note, take care to recognize particular and plural terms. For instance, sociology is a particular scholarly order, the investigation of society. In any case, the sociologies are, by and large, the scholastic controls relating to people, for example, archaic exploration, financial aspects, topography, etc (counting sociology). (Similarly, watch the qualification among interchanges and â€Å"mass communication.†) Once more, the two terms are promoted distinctly as a major aspect of a legitimate name (for instance, â€Å"the Department of Social Science,† â€Å"the Institute of Social Sciences†). Moreover, in light of the fact that they comprise standing expressions, they are not hyphenated as a phrasal descriptor. (For instance, â€Å"The paper analyzes games from a sociology perspective.†) Need to improve your English quickly a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Style class, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:60 Synonyms for â€Å"Walk†The Letter Z Will Be Removed from the English AlphabetArtist versus Craftsman

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CPW Hosts

CPW Hosts Jane W asked, Matt, I have a question about CPW. Will we know who our hosts will be before we get there? I know youre just matching us up at this point, but itd be nice to know. Heres the scoop: we spent a good part of this week matching MIT student hosts with prefrosh [prefrosh: n. MIT jargon for prospective student]. It involved many late nights (I know that one night, Salvador left around midnight, and I rarely left before 8pm), but in the end, everyone was matched. You have a host and somewhere to stay this weekend. This afternoon, Salvador, Amy and I hosted meetings with the MIT student hosts for CPW. One meeting overflowed lecture hall 54-100 (capacity: 294 persons). Not all hosts were able to attend this meeting, but for those who were there, they received their hosting assignment. We have requested that hosts contact you, their prefrosh. Many of you will receive a call or email from your host in the next few days. If you dont, dont worry: I assure you that you have a host, and they will meet you when you arrive on campus. A note on your host: We did our best to find you a host that matched your personality, interests, and special requests. We were not always able to meet your requests, and theres no such thing as a perfect host. However, we did the best with the available hosts, and ultimately we were happy with all of the matches we made. We ask that you come with an open mind and try it out with your host. We encourage you to talk to many students, visit many living groups, to find that place where you really do fit in. Im getting excited to see many of you in just a few days! CPW Weather Watch: Thursday, 50% chance of rain; Friday, 40% chance of rain; Saturday, 40% chance of rain; Sunday, 30% chance of rain.

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The Bible Is God s Revelation Of Himself Essay - 2035 Words

Abstract There is always a book or movie that we cannot wait to know what the plot or twist will be. The bible has many plots, twist and deceit that are true. The only major point that stands out to me is our relationship with God. When reading the Bible one thing for sure Jesus is the star, main character. All the men that wrote the Bible at every age and stage of life and all of them had the same message, obey God. The entire Bible is God’s revelation of himself. We need to see more of the truth by looking for a revelation for a deeper meaning to which the bible itself leads us. In the Book Knowing the bible 101, it stated that the common theme of the Bible is â€Å"For God so Loved the World that he gave his only his one and only Son, that whoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.† (John 3:16 NIV) In my research I found that many websites believe that the common them was, â€Å"God wants us to love him as our creator and obey his word, also l ove our neighbors as we love ourselves. This is one of the commands that are the greatest of commands. The Kingdom of God awaits those who will follow his commandments. â€Å"To Love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.† (Mark 12:33) I am sure that if I were to look further, I could find many more distinctive common themes for the Bible. I really would be confused if IShow MoreRelatedThe Bible Is God s Revelation Of Himself Essay1219 Words   |  5 Pageswill be. The bible has many plots, twist and deceit that are true. The only major point that stands out to mean is our relationship with God. When we read the Bible one thing for sure Jesus is the star, main character. All the men that wrote the Bible at every age and stage of life and all of them had the same message, obey God overall. The entire Bible is God’s revelat ion of himself. We need to see that truth more looing for a revelation for a deeper meaning to which the bible itself leadsRead MoreThe Doctrine of General Revelation775 Words   |  4 Pagesdoctrine of special revelation in his book â€Å"Christian Doctrine† . Guthrie states that â€Å"Christians may differ in their answer to the question how and whether we can find God† but all Christians agree that we â€Å"know that God exist because he found us† (54). â€Å"God has revealed God’s most innermost self by speaking and acting in the world in a special way.†(54). This special revelation occurs in three distingue ways. God also revealed Himself in the person of Jesus. God has revealed Himself to the world isRead MoreThe Ten Avenues Of Revelation1218 Words   |  5 PagesThe ten avenues of Revelation are: â€Å"The Lot, The Urim and Thummim, Dreams, Visions, Theophanies, Angels, Prophets, Events, Jesus Christ and The Bible.†1 The Lot is us ed as a form of communication from God to man. Lots were stones which were used that were casted to make decisions and one sees this where God makes the final outcome of these lots which are casted. The Urim and Thummim were gemstones that were carried on the high priest s breastplate and used as lots to make decisions on situationsRead MoreGod s Word And Identity : How We Decipher True From False Revelation? Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pages God s Word Identity: How We Decipher True From False Revelation Pass or Fail Class (P/D/F) Michael Fegins ET1000- Liturgical Shape of Christian Life December 22, 2016 How can a person know whether or not his or her revelation of God is valid? I believe that one can find answers in the writings of James Cone. In his writings, A Black Theology of Liberation, Cone writes a chapter entitled, â€Å"The Sources and Norm of Black Theology†. One of the sources thatRead MoreTheologians Views on Revelations757 Words   |  3 PagesTheologians Views on Revelations When one thinks of revelations, most people think of the last book of the Bible. This is not what we are talking about in this precise study. We are talking about how God reveals himself to us. It is clear that God reveals himself through many means, all of which contribute to our knowledge of God God reveals himself to me through many different ways. My church, my fellow Christian friends and of course, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the second best thingRead MoreWord Of God As Written, Incarnate, And Proclaimed1218 Words   |  5 Pages†¢ Word Of God As Written, Incarnate, and Proclaimed: Barth theorizes that Jesus Christ is the Word of God in three co-equal forms: the Word revealed, the Word written, and the Word proclaimed. As a co-centric circle the three forms of the one Word of God labor together in seamless harmony to produce the substance of all divine revelation. †¢ The Word Revealed: The New Testament notion of the incarnation – â€Å"the Word of God,† is inescapably centered on the idea that God has formed alliance betweenRead MoreCommon Biblical Theme1333 Words   |  6 Pagestheme of the Bible? If so how did you answer that question? My response to this question would be that we all must consider the fundamentals of the Bible. If the Bible is truly one book, the answer would have to be yes. This is most certainly the answer of Christian people from many places. Places with different languages, and a culture in which, for almost 2000 years, have continued to proclaim that the Bible is a revelation from God, our Heavenly Father. When looking through the Bible, you willRead MoreThe Christian Reformed Church ( Crc )903 Words   |  4 Pagesthe authority of the Bible appears to believe the same as me, that the Scriptures are sufficient and no other source is needed. However, there is mention of â€Å"Freedom of interpre tation† that confuses me a bit. For this assignment I have broken down the CRC position sentences to dissect each major claim. Scripture, the saving revelation of God in Jesus Christ, addresses us with full divine authority in its total extent and in all its parts, and therefore the CRC speaks of the Bible as the inspired andRead MoreDavid Koresh And The Branch Davidians Ninth Day Adventists1606 Words   |  7 Pagesalcoholic step-father. He struggled in school, was dyslexic, developed poor study skills, and also had a stutter that led to him being put into special education classes. However, after he dropped out of high school he later found his passion in the Bible and rock music. He eventually legally married Rachel Jones, with who he would have two daughters and a son. Koresh joined a Branch of Davidians that broke off of the original Seventh-Day Adventists religious group at Mount Carmel Center in WacoRead MoreChristianity And The Nature Of God1420 Words   |  6 Pagesand the nature of God, one must have a foundation to rely upon. Both theology and our epistemological queries concerning God must be crafted from a source. Michael Bird in his Evangelical Theology notes that the prolegomena or things we say before saying anything about God must be predicated upon a critical source. This source is God’s Word and is revealed in multiple ways. If one is to conduct a Credo or apologetic stance of his Christian faith, this person ought to explain how God reveals Godself

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The Symbolism of the Birches - 839 Words

On the surface, the poem Birches by Robert Frost is simply about a man who would like to believe that birch trees are bent from young boys swinging on them, despite the evidence that it is merely a result of the ice-storms. Even with this knowledge he prefers the idea of the boys swinging from the trees because he was a birch swinger years ago and continuously dreams of returning and experiencing those pleasant memories once again. From a more explored and analytical point of view, the birch trees symbolize life and serves as the speaker s temporary channel of escape from the world and its harsh realities. The speaker uses his imagination to return to his innocent childhood. He hopes to relieve stress and prepare to face life and†¦show more content†¦These disruptive words can portray feelings of discomfort, fear, sorrow, and almost intrude the reader s pleasant visual images of the birches. These disruptions indicate that there is something more meaningful happening than wh at shows on the surface. Frost uses personification by giving Truth human-like qualities such as interrupting the speaker. This personification alerts the reader that Truth, or reality is a major part of the theme of this poem, by giving itShow MoreRelatedEssay Analysis of Birches by Robert Frost824 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Birches by Robert Frost In the poem Birches by Robert Frost, Frost portrays the images of a child growing to adulthood through the symbolism of aging birch trees. Through these images readers are able to see the reality of the real world compared to their carefree childhood. The image of life through tribulation is the main focal point of the poem and the second point of the poem is if one could revert back to the simpler times of childhood. The language of the poem is entirelyRead MoreThe Speaker of Birches by Robert Frost653 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Birches† is a poem written by Robert Frost that has a speaker, imagery, and symbols. The speaker in this poem is Frost. He explains his perspective of the birch trees in first person. Imagery is a word, phrase, or sentence that shows an experience or object. There are numerous examples of imagery in this poem. Symbols are something in the poem that stands for something else. There are various symbols in â€Å"Birches.† In â€Å"Birches,â €  Frost talks about how he can view birch trees in winter that have bentRead MoreReminiscence of Birches779 Words   |  3 PagesReminiscence of â€Å"Birches† Robert Frost’s â€Å"Birches† is a poem that makes incites towards the shortness of one’s life. In the poem, Frost reminisces on his childhood, and remembers it all too well. The poem is meant to help the reader to reflect on his/her own life and leave them wanting to treasure moments of the present more intensely. The poem encourages its readers to think about what great things lay ahead, while looking at the positive side of life. Although Frost knew the tree branches wereRead MoreEssay on Analysis of Birches by Robert Frost811 Words   |  4 PagesIn the poem Birches by Robert Frost, Frost portrays the images of a child growing to adulthood through the symbolism of aging birch trees. Through these images readers are able to see the reality of the real world compared to there carefree childhood. The image of life through tribulation is the main focal point of the poem and the second point of the poem is if one could revert back to the simpler times of childho od. The language of the poem is entirely arranged through images, although it containsRead MoreThe Poetry of Robert Lee Frost810 Words   |  3 Pagesseems like he spent much of his life thinking about the little things. He often pondered the meaning and symbolism of things he found in nature. Many readers find Robert Frost’s poems to be straightforward, yet his work contains deeper layers of complexity beneath the surface. These deeper layers of complexity can be clearly seen in his poems â€Å" The Road Not Taken†, â€Å"Fire and Ice†, and â€Å"Birches†. Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco. When his father died, he moved to MassachusettsRead MoreAnalysis Of Robert Frost s Birches 3014 Words   |  13 Pagesof something in nature, then moves on toward a connection with some human concern or situation. He uses the natural world as symbolism in his poetry then suggests bigger, deeper, more complex ideas. In Robert Frost’s poetry he is not purely writing about nature, rather he is using nature as a tool to compose ideas relating to human nature. In Robert Frost’s poem â€Å"Birches† he uses nature as imagery to convey his disdain for the pressures of social life. Frost does not specify which social burdenRead MoreCritical Analysis of White Heron Essay1447 Words   |  6 Pagesrealized that it wouldn’t help her to be the person she wanted to be. This paper will illustrate a critical analysis of the story of White Heron and focus on the relationship between the literary elements of the story, plot, characterization, style, symbolism and women’s concerns that are specific to this period. Plot Sylvia was a 9 year old â€Å"nature girl† who met a charming ornithologist hunter on a mission to find the allusive white heron. Sylvia was about 8 years old when she moved with her grandmotherRead MoreEssay on Between Wishes and Beliefs in Wild Grapes2211 Words   |  9 Pagesof a woman who lives her life, wishing that she had gained a knowledge that would have made her life different. At the same time, she hopes to preserve the exhilarating way she lives her life. Through the use of character portrayal, metaphor, symbolism, and diction, Robert Frost suggests to the reader that although people know that they should prepare themselves to walk through life, they still listen to their hearts, which causes them to be unprepared for what lies ahead of them. The poem startsRead MoreHow to Read Lit Like a Prof Notes3608 Words   |  15 Pagesnovel D.H. Lawrence The Fox novella D. H. Lawrence Barn Burning SS William Faulkner Beloved novel Toni Morrison 12. Symbolism Pilgrim’s Progress allegory John Bunyan Passage to India novel E.M. Forster Parable of the Cave (The Republic) Plato The Bridge (poem sequence) poem Hart Crane The Wasteland poem T.S. Eliot Mowing, After Apple Picking, The Road Not Taken, Birches poems Robert Frost 13. Political Writing A Christmas Carol novel Charles Dickens Masque of the Red Death, The Fall ofRead MoreRobert Frost : A New England Poet3698 Words   |  15 Pagesto call me back or say good-bye; And further still at an unearthly height, A luminary clock against the sky Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right. I have been one acquainted with the night. In â€Å"Acquainted with the night† Frost uses symbolism to interpret the speaker’s thoughts of loneliness, depression, isolation and suffering he feels. The word night can be read as meaningless unless it is read in a profound way. In most cases night can be symbolized as death. Death was always in Frost’s

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Robin Hood Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations Free Essays

ROBIN HOOD Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations Case Analysis Robin Hood and his band of Merrymen is the subject of this case study. In this study I found, Robin Hood’s main problem was the increasing size of his band. Initially, he had hoped that strength lay in numbers and the more Merry men he had, the better it would be for him to effectively fight against the sheriff’s administration. We will write a custom essay sample on Robin Hood Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations or any similar topic only for you Order Now He did not put enough thought into curbing the number of people being recruited. The dilemma occurred when the increasing number of men had made the band a corporation. The more men were recruited into the organization, the less face to face interaction Robin had encountered with each of his men. This would make it hard for him to enforce rules and regulations using his old ways because vigilance was not present with the new recruits. Moreover, the capacity to fund the increasing number of people became very scarce. Supplies needed to be obtained from outlaying villages. This is a very clear consequence of any expanding organization. A formal structure needed to be enforced and a chain of executive party needed to be established so as to monitor the increased number of people in the organization. The initial mission of the band, â€Å"Rob the rich and give to the poor† was no longer effective to the band. The funds obtained from the outright confiscation of the rich were no longer accommodating the increasing number of the people in the band. The mission statement had to be revised to accommodate the changing ways of the organization. New strategies also need to be introduced to meet the fund requirements of the band. Moreover, there needed to be a revision to the objectives of the band so as to limit the number of people being recruited. This, in my opinion, is a primary concern that needs attention. Robin Hood’s proposal to run a policy of adopting a fixed transit tax to whomever passed through the Sherwood Forest seems feasible but the Merrymen’s concern of jeopardizing the allies’ support in their fight against the Sheriff is also relevant. Recommendations In my opinion, Robin Hood’s first priority should be to appropriate structure and organization in the band. He needs to allot someone in charge of curbing the number of new recruits and seek other ways of finding provisions for his men. Once all this is done, he needs to take the great risk of assisting the barons in their mission to rescue King Richard and restore back in power. By doing so, Robin will have gotten his revenge and will not have to require the band’s presence any longer. How to cite Robin Hood Case Analysis and Strategy Recommendations, Papers

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Occupational Well Being for Health Place - myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about theOccupational Well Being for Health Place. Answer: Introduction: IOM Singapore started its journey in the year of 2012 and presently it has achieved worldwide fame in the establishing work place health safety to the companies by delivering solutions that helps in practising the same (Iom-world.org. 2012). The company presently works with lots of companies and brings out innovative ideas for establishing and improving the health place safety of the companies. This company composes training sessions to help other companies follow a health policy, as occupational well-being is a very important and vital issue in the present industrial world. Workplace without having any health safety policy or guideline is a failed workplace and at the present world the even the workers deny to work on a place that does not provide health policies for the workers. IOM Singapore has implemented frameworks that help in guiding the stakeholders and the company to engender the need of workplace health safety for each individual (Iom-world.org. 2012). Frameworks: The list of frameworks that the company follows are: Health and Wellbeing Framework in the workplace Statistics of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace Legal Framework regarding Safety and Health in the Workplace Responsible Authorities for Health and Wellbeing in Workplace Implementation of Strategy related to Workplace Health and Wellbeing The future planning The first groundwork notion beneath the new framework helps in mitigating the occupational health risks before their creation and does not accept any kind of existing problems within the organisation (Kelly and Fussell 2015). The first framework implies the fact that all the stakeholders in organisation thus requires conducting of risk assessments that will help to identify the occupational health risks and also its cause and after that measures must be taken to eliminate those health risks. The second assumption of the framework identifies the role of larger ownership industry regarding the occupational health and wellbeing outcomes. Industries must at large take more ownership of establishing health and safety is workplace standards and outcomes that will effect a cultural change from unconsidered to concerned factor for the prevention of any workplace health issues (Kelly and Fussell 2015). The third notion under the framework regarding health and wellbeing in workplace is to find outr the largely effecting financial hindrances and consequences on workplaces that brings in the practise of unsafe systems within the workplace, despite of the fact that there is no accidents occurred still the precautions are mandatory (Kelly and Fussell 2015). This helps in the creation of an environment where every workplaces find the most effective and worthy ways that will help them achieve the standards of maintaining wellbeing and health in the workplaces. Importance of technologies in maintaining occupational wellbeing: The importance of innovative technologies for maintaining the workplace safety is very important for many Singaporean companies in the present context and IOM in this case plays an expertise role to introduce the importance of technology for occupational wellbeing (Nieuwenhuijsen 2015). Use of technology along with using the ideas of IOM regarding the occupational well being issues helps the companies at a large basis. The company has some senior consulting employees who ages between 25 - 40 years have huge experience in maintaining workplace Hygiene. Two members of the company internationally acclaim their revolutionary work in nanotechnologies across the world. IOM Singapore helps many companies through an extraordinarily and brilliantly qualified consulting and trainingteam that comes across a wide range of Occupational wellbeing requirements to help the companies with the same (Nieuwenhuijsen 2015). International consulting experts across many countries guides and supports the Singapore team so that they have the knowledge to help almost every company by having a brief idea about the existing health issues. The company got its expansion significantly starting from local health to getting expertise at work by meeting and resolving all the queries that were growing among the undersized as well as multinational organisations in Singapore. IOM is famous in operating successful training programs that fully focuses on maintenance health and safety issues in workplaces (Marcinkiewicz et al 2016). Technology in the recent world is a very important issue and thus this company highlights that it is necessary for every company to upgrade their workplaces with the recent trends of technology. Using up to date technological services will help the companies with more safety in workplace and reduce the risks of accidents or occurrences in the workplaces. Workplace health and safety measures in any workplace is mostly considered as the joint efforts of the employers, employees and the society it operates in order to bring changes in the health and well-being of employees related to the company. This revelation of workplace health and safety measures particular emphasizes on ensuring the improvement of the organization as well as the working environment by escalating the participation of the employees in determining a positive working environment with required health determinants that encourages the personal hygiene maintaining skills and professional development relating to occupation al wellbeing for an employee (Waldron 2013). Workplace health safety of IOM particularly focuses on few factors that has no existence in the workplace legislation and does not include any development regarding maintenance of workplace health programmes, like the workplace environment, the promoting of healthy practises at work, as well as the practise of non-occupational health factors in the work environment (Lim et al 2014). The practise of Non-occupational factors may include family wellbeing, home and travelling conditions, as well as the societal factors, which affect the health of the employees at a large. Implementation of solutions to maintain better workplace: Institute of Occupational Medicine Singapore is an uncompetitive international contributor aimed to implement positive solutions regarding workplace health and wellbeing to every industry, be it agricultural, tea, steel or any other kind of industries (Iom-world.org. 2012). This company has prepared themselves by recruiting expertise and experienced people who will be able to follow the goal of the company and presently they have marked themselves as the best (Lerssi-Uskelin, Hopsu and Salmi 2014). The people they are related with have helped them to provide the realistic solutions regarding occupational health to a large range. Whether any company requires the strategic or expert recommendation or opinion or live monitoring, IOM Singapore always remains ready to help any company with any health related problems. The services that the company offers takes into consideration the concerns of occupational wellbeing, workplace hygiene, wellbeing of nanomaterials, human factors, lab services and training (Parker 2014). The company also aims to bring out the excellent multidisciplinary applied investigation on the variety of occupational health and wellbeing risk issues. Health and safety approaches: Maintaining of Occupational wellbeing and measuring controlling of risky occurences in the workplace are the main concern of the IOM Singapore (Wells and Hawkins 2014). IOM Singapore thinks that the companies must have brief knowledge about the health risks within the workplace and control them in order to practise a positive workplace rather than just asking for solutions and not participating on their own. The companies need to establish the process that will help in controlling and managing the health risks. The companies need to take on regular checks and comply with IOM Singapore to maintain the standards of workplace health and wellbeing (Timms et al 2015). The expertise and experienced employees of occupational health officers provides a huge range of help in reducing the health issues within a workplace by making the company understand the relationship between occupational wellbeing and positive work environment. Evaluation of risks in workplace: IOM Singapore has the aim to encourage the need of proper occupational wellbeing practices in order to promote good health of the employees. That is why this company helps other companies in conducting of helpful risk evaluation programmes in order to reduce or mitigate the health risks in any work place (Allen et al 2013). For doing this the company practises four simple phases: Identifying health and risk factors in the workplace: Every workplace needs the identification of health problems that is hampering the situation of the workplace. One of the consultants in IOM first visits the workplace of the person who asked for help from them and there that individual performs a walk through assessment identifying all the health problems the employees are facing as well as the health problems that is largely affecting the workplace. During the continuation of this process, the consultant from institute of occupational medicine assists the company to identify all the health risks by themselves so that the company itself knows about the problem they are dealing with in their workplace (Burke 2016). Then the consultant with his or her teams prepares a brief report that contains the list of the identified risk factors related to health in the workplace and brings out recommendations as well as plans for evaluating and mitigating the risks. Exposure estimation and risk evaluation: The company supports other companies in measuring the exposure as well as evaluating the risk for health risks created by unsafe chemicals, dusts, chemicals, materials and ergonomic factors (Reb and Atkins 2015). The work of institute of occupational medicine involves the evaluation and management of exposures including: Assessments for dusts, chemicals and other harmful materials Evaluation of the health problems within the workplace Measurement of factors that are related to human health Evaluation of designing the workplace, human factor Advice on health based occupational limits. Risk evaluation taking into context both the risk and revelation data. Development of controlling strategies and interpretation of the result: Proper explanation of risk assessment result is very important for practising of effective control strategies. IOM is always ready to provide wide range of experienced consultants having wide knowledge about occupational hygiene that will help other companies to understand the results derived from the exposure valuation risk evaluation and then IOM advises on the development of effective risk control strategy (Chaikitmongkol, Leeungurasatien and Sengupta 2015). IOM is presently the leading experts that assist the companies in establishing occupational wellbeing and occupational health programmes like, Occupational Hygiene Programme Hearing Conservation Programme Hazardous Substances Programme Ergonomics Programme Bio safety Programme Radiation Safety Programme Implementing of controlling measures and practising training: IOM consultants are in a continuous process of supporting other companies to ensure workplace health safety along with the implementation of the controlling measures helpful in maintaining occupational health (Rooney et al 2015). IOM also provide a large range of occupational health training for all levels of the work and for every company. Occupational Hygiene Officers are deployed to other companies for the purpose of conducting inspection and checking processes that are helpful to evaluate the efficacy of the controlling measures. Many of the companies with the help of IOM engages with the hygiene programmes in order to perform regular inspections and maintain occupational well being in the workplaces. Importance of workplace safety: The importance of the workplace health and safety lies in the different procedures that can be used for the wellbeing of both the employees and the employers. The violence in the workplace is a rapid ever growing concern in Singapore in the recent days. The safety and the health programs are an integral part of the IOM Singapore that is required for the prevention of the illness and injury in the workplace (Scholl, Okun and Schulte 2017). The health programs will be employed that will help in understanding the potential hazards that they might be exposed to on a daily basis. The health concerns will eventually affect the ability of the workers or the employees of the IOM organization to perform their duties in a proper way. There is a need to take the necessary steps that will protect the employees from the safety and the health concerns in the corporate community in Todays world. The hazards that are dangerous may be due to the different substances and the behaviors that may cause injury or harm to its own employees. There are several hazards that can be exposed in the IOM organization in Singapore (Grossmeierey al. 2016). The health hazards range from the different infectious diseases from one worker to another and those are even not properly maintained and stored. There is a need to follow such specific safety procedures that will help the event to come out of the emergency situation. The safety and the health measures of the IOM organization is to make it responsible for enforcing the laws regarding the measures that needs to be taken (Chosewood et al. 2017). The company may be charged if they do not provide a safe work and healthy environment for their employees by making a proper guideline and a safety standard. There is a need to investigate the complaints regarding the safety violations and that will ensure that the dangerous and the hazards in the workplace will be resolved. The general guidelines about the health that has been created is basically to help the office workers and their employers in understanding the certain hazards that might negatively impact the emergency situations of the IOM organization (Ammendolia et al. 2016). The guidelines have been made so that it might assist the IOM Company in conducting the potential job duty or work so that a proper procedure may be applied to prevent the injury and the illness. The safety and the health programs are important in preventing the illness and the injury in the IOM workplace. These health programs help the employees to understand the potential hazards that can be exposed to on a daily basis. The safety programs and the effective health programs will help the workers in benefiting the behaviors of the IOM workplace. Conclusion: Institute of Occupational Medicine Singapore is an uncompetitive international contributor aimed to implement positive solutions regarding workplace health and wellbeing to every industry, be it agricultural, tea, steel or any other kind of industries. The company has some senior consulting employees who ages between 25 - 40 years have huge experience in maintaining workplace Hygiene. The company presently works with lots of companies and brings out innovative ideas for establishing and improving the health place safety of the companies. This company composes training sessions to help other companies follow a health policy, as occupational well-being is a very important and vital issue in the present industrial world. 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Promoting Construction Health and Safety through Procurement: A briefing note for developing countries.